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Is this a Church?
Yes, and no. This is a gathering of people who love both the deep heritage of the past- both Jewish and reformed history, but also enjoy the missional component of helping one another on this journey

If the church is not a fixed location where do you meet?
The purpose of our gatherings is people, not buildings. We don't focus on committee's, building needs and staff like 95% of churches, allowing us to be free with our resources and how we see the needs in our communities. We love being a part of building God's kingdom.

Who is this for?
This is for anyone who may want to be apart of something bigger than yourself. If your interested in kingdomly growing and real faith put to action your going to be blessed by this gathering

Who might this not be for?
This will not be suitable for Christians who favor traditional or contemporary services. This will not satisfy those who like deep structure, high church, or liturgical services. And lastly, if your prone to saying, "I came to get fed" or, "I want to feel good when I come to church" this may not be for you.
New Wine
Matthew 9:14-18: 

The context is really old traditional ways of Judaism.
Add to that a slightly discombobulated passage of scripture between verse 15 and 16 and the confusion starts.

Essentially, what The Rabbi was saying is that new wine- or new life, should not be confined to the old ways of doing things....otherwise it will tear, or in the case of wine- will bust out of the old wine skins. 

How is the traditional church similar to the metaphor. and how is new wine similar to new life- and to the context of the scripture, baptism???

: Everybody has it...what may be ours?

 #1. Prayer
Most important as we are in transition this spring. As we continue to seek God and become involved with the great denomination, we ask for your prayers to help us Hear from God.

#2. Praise
When we gather- we will be a group of Christ followers who praise Him for what he has done. Through Music, art, dance or whatever.

#3. Proclamation of the Word.  
If you are in a building every week and it was called church previously it is simply not if the word of God is not opened and expounded upon. The place is only a membership club. Learn from the Author and Finisher of our faith from His word.  

At No Walls Our desire is to flourish in our neighborhoods, being intentional with the Good news of Jesus.

We are looking for worship leaders/ teachers/ and followers of Christ who have experience in 'home-based' church plants. 
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